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What a week! - September 5, 2016

Dearest family,

Florida never ceases to amaze me! I am seriously loving every minute of my mission! This week was a crazy but awesome week! So before mom has a panic attack I'm still alive and survived the hurricane if you could even call it one. There was a lot of wind and rain but nothing bad at all. In fact I wanted so badly to go outside and play in it.  They made us stay inside on Thursday evening but other then that by Friday morning we were back out knocking doors. 

Also, I'll give y'all my update on my ankle since I went to the doctors. So my Achilles had a tear in it but it must have been from awhile ago because there is a lot of scar tissue and extra skin trying to build back over it to help protect it. Also, they told me they found a small cyst there as well but they said that was nothing to be worried about. They said with some physical therapy and taking it easy I'll live! Haha but they also told me that my white blood cell count is unusually high so they will be monitoring that as well. I am just falling apart out here! But I'm happy that I can finally get this all taken care of and get out of pain! I have a picture of all the results that the mission nurse told me to email home so y'all will know exactly what's going on but there is the rough summary of it all.

I'll just briefly go through my week. Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer and then afterwards I had a trade off with the YSA sisters. Sister McConnell came to our area with me. She has been out for about six weeks. It was fun to do a trade off with her. She is seriously so sweet!

On Wednesday we went to the Mandarin district meeting and finished up our trade off. Sister McConnell gave her very first training! She did awesome! Of course the night before I gave her all my notes and helped her write it! But she did great! 

After that we had lunch with all the missionaries and then went to start another trade off this time with the Jax South sister training leaders! What a great trade off! I went with Sister McGregor!! Man, the trade off just made me miss being her companion! She is the absolute best! We didn't want it to end!

Thursday we ended our trade off by going to Palatka's district meeting! Finally the trade off ended and I had to go back to reality.  Thursday's night was when the storm hit so president called and told everyone to stay inside for the night. We spent the night doing our weekly planning.

Friday I had my doctor's appointment and then we just went out and about knocking doors and seeing people.

Saturday was transfer calls. I will be staying here in Hendricks as the sister training leader but I will be getting a new companion!! Yay!! I am so excited! Her name is Sister Clay but that is as much as I can tell you until next week! I've only met her once! This next transfer is going to be great! I am so excited and pumped to make these last 12 weeks the best weeks ever!

That basically about sums up my week. I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Love and miss y'all!

Sister Webb


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