Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Welcome to Jumpsuit June! - June 8, 2015

It was so good to hear from all of you this week!! I'm sorry to hear that the A/C went out but really I'm not that sorry! I am in hotter then 90 degree weather everyday! With humidity on top of that! Although I am starting to get use to the heat and humidity! So this week was such an amazing week full of so many miracles! This week we were able to find 5 new investigators and were able to set 2 baptism dates! I was getting so frustrated at the beginning of the week because we were not having very much success finding people and teaching lessons. Seriously every door we would knock on would tell us they are already religious and believed in Jesus and were already saved. It's tuff. Well like I said, I was getting frustrated and a little discouraged. Then I remembered that I need to trust in the Lord and have more faith. That night I prayed so hard to Heavenly Father telling him that I know I need to trust him and I was willing to do so and have the faith that we could find new investigators to teach and that I did have the faith! Well that prayer was seriously a good 20 minutes I swear and I had such a good talk with my Heavenly Father. I felt so much better afterwards. The next day we went out tracting and I again prayed and told Heavenly Father that I had the faith and to lead us to the elect people who were prepared to hear our message. Well that day we found 3 new investigators!!! What a miracle! My faith was getting stronger and my hopes were getting higher! 

We met Heidi Batzka she is a young mom who lives in our apartment complex. Her husband is Albanian. Apparently I am meant to teach the Albanians! Haha we were able to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite her to baptism! She said she wanted to be baptized and we set a date for June 28! Now she just has to come to church the next 3 weeks so she can be baptized then! 

We also went out tracting after dinner that night and met Jim and Paula! It was such a neat experience!! We knocked on the door and Jim answered. We talked to him for a few minutes when he invited us to sit on his porch and talk while he smoked.. Well we started talking about the Book of Mormon and all the sudden his wife Paula came out! We then started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and testifying of it. She told us how her boss was LDS and he had tried inviting her to church but she hadn't managed to go yet. She told us how she had stopped going to her church a while back and how she had felt like something was just missing in her life ever since she stopped going. We talked to her about church and before we could even finish she asked us if she could come to church on Sunday!! What?? Crazy! We gave her all the information on the church and set up a time to come back and teach her another lesson on Friday! Sadly she had something come up yesterday so she did not get to come to church, but we are still teaching her and Jim Friday night! Ok so by this point I was so pumped! 

We went the next day to some of our potential investigators and we met Anna. She is from Purerto Rico. We taught her the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and she was so interested and invited us to come back and teach her again! 

We met Bill. He is an older man. His wife died about a year ago. We were able to teach him a little about the plan of salvation and he invited us to come back and teach him! Holy cow!! 

Oh and then while we were tracting on saturday night we met Fred who was an older gentleman who was at a party at his friends house but let us teach him about the Book of Mormon and some of the restoration. He also invited us back for another lesson! 

Our final investigator for the week is Andrea! She is the cutest girl ever! She is 14! We have not been able to teach her a lesson yet but she has come to church 2 weeks in a row now! At church yesterday we were able to teach her a little bit and she told us she knew from the first day she came to church that it was true and she had been reading the Book of Mormon and she knows it's true and can feel the spirit so strong when she reads it. As she was talking the spirit was so strong! She was crying I was crying.. Haha it was so great! We invited her to be baptized on June 28th. She said yes and she would talk to her parents! So hopefully everything work out because she is so prepared and ready!!! 

We were able to go teach Aleidon and his girls earlier this week.... What a hard lesson!! First off he doesn't speak much English so it made it extremely difficult. He did not want us to use our google translate.. So we tried teaching him the restoration. He told us that he does not want us to teach him. He wants to learn everything for him self. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph smith was a prophet. As we tried to tell him about prophets today he said there were none. As we bore our testimony to him about modern day prophets he stopped us half way through and told us we were wrong.. The ended our lesson with a prayer. We prayed for him that he might be able to find a job and he stopped us mid sentence and said no do not pray for me.. What a hard lesson. He said he would come to church Sunday but then didn't come so we will see what happens.. The language barrier had made it extremely difficult to teach him. We have been praying a lot for him and that he will have a softer heart and come to find that there are modern day prophets.

This week we were able to invite 22 people to baptism! And 2 of them now have dates!! The Lord truly does watch over and bless us when we put our trust in him and have faith! 

It has been such a good week! On Friday we celebrated inviting 21 people to baptism by getting ice cream from McDonald's! The best part was the nerdy boy at the drive up window we gave him a pass along card with our name and number on it and oh my, his face was priceless! He just got this huge smile! Haha I laughed for like 20 minutes about it! 

I have never been so tired in my life!!! I am realizing the truth when people say good missionaries are always tired! Every time I sit down on something remotely soft I start to fall asleep and do the head bob.. Haha most mornings I almost fall asleep while exercising as well as in morning studies.. It has been such a struggle. Church is the worst cause it has soft seats! Haha 

The bugs are so bad here! My bug spray is not even working!! I have like 20 mosquito bites on each leg!! Not to mention I found a dead cockroach in our apartment and there are still millions of lizards! Hopefully I can get brave and catch one so I can send a picture home! 

We had president interviews again this week. It was nice to talk to him again and get to know him better. 

We just finished Mighty Miracle May and have started June off my calling it Jumpsuit June! Hopefully our baptisms pan out and we can get them done in Jumpsuit June! 

One of Carolyn Barnes friends is in my ward! I was so excited to find that out! It was great to talk to them! We are going for dinner tonight to their house! I am really excited! 

Speaking of dinner.. I had my first fast Sunday yesterday and after fasting all day we went to dinner at a members house and they fed us salad.. I hate salad. (It's like eating weeds) then we had pesto pasta which was good besides the fact that it had cherry tomatoes in it... as well as shrimp.... I was dying... salad, shrimp and tomatoes all in one meal.... It was a rough meal. Luckily I managed to eat it all! Nothing like fasting all day for things you hate! I am really learning to eat what I am served though! Haha 

That is basically all I have been doing this week. Can you believe by the end of the week I will be at my one month mark??!! Time is flying!!!! It seems like just yesterday that ya'll were dropping me off at the MTC and now we are already 1 month down!!! Woot woot!! 

I hope ya'll have an amazing week! I can't wait to hear from you again! I will keep an eye out for all the letters and packages! 

I love and miss all of you so much!! I am still praying that Nathan will get that job! :) 
Love ya'll,
Sister Webb 


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