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Happy Halloween Family! - October 26, 2015

We had a baptism!!!

Hello family!! I hope y'all had a good week. From reading moms email if sure sounds like y'all did! I had a great week as well! The family Halloween party sounded fun! I'm sad I missed it! So before I go on and tell you all about my week I need to tell you that I sent home a package today. It just had some shoes in it that I am tired of dragging with me from area to area. I never wear them because I don't want to ruin them. So I sent them home. I also sent home a voice recording. It's nothing to special.. Just sister McGregor and I singing our favorite primary songs and then I spoke after all of them real quick. I'll make a better one next time y'all send it to me! 

Ok secondly, I just need to tell you about my embarrassing moment I just had.. So we were just washing the car and vacuuming it and we'll I am wearing a dress and it is kinda breezy today and the breeze just caught my dress and well I'm pretty sure all the guys working at the car wash got a good show! Haha some how all the embarrassing things seem to happen to me! Ok now on to my stories of the week.

So on Tuesday we had district meeting. It was really good. We had the zone leaders and the AP's come to our district meeting. After district meeting we went to lunch with a member in the ward. She took us to Longhorn Steakhouse! It was soooo freaking yummy! I had shrimp as my appetizer and then I had ribs!! Mmm it was the best! Oh and then for desert we had a chocolate molten cake! 

After lunch we had a lesson with our investigator named Jonathan. He is 9 years old and says he wants to be baptized but hates primary. He told us if he has to go to primary he is not sure he wants to be baptized. Haha yesterday I tried bribing him with any and everything. I told him I would bring him a pack of Oreos and a king size Butterfinger if he would come to primary with me. Oh and I was willing to give him my Twix I would get in primary for bringing my scriptures. This kid had the best deal and still turned it down! I mean come on, who doesn't want all that and not to mention he would get to go to primary with the best lookin' missionary ever! Haha anyways, we had a good lesson on Tuesday with him. We taught him the restoration and invited him to baptism. We have to set the date still but he does want to be baptized at least!

On Wednesday we went and did some service for a lady named Sister Wade. She is a less active we are working with. We washed her dogs for her and then had a great lesson with her. Later that day we decided to go visit this other less active who's name is Jaquandra. She is so sweet. She has a little girl who is 2 and then a baby who is like a month old. We are hoping that we can keep working with her and get her to come back to church! 

Later that night we had our gospel principle class. This week it was our turn to teach. We taught all on baptism.  It was a good lesson and fit perfect because the only investigator there was Sister Baughman who was getting baptized on Saturday! After class we just had our final lesson with sister Baughman finishing up everything we still had to teach her.

On Thursday we really didn't do much. We basically knocked doors all day and then that night we went to the addiction recovery program. I seriously love this program! It is so helpful for anyone who has a problem! I learn new things every time I go! After class we went to volleyball with the Spanish ward. It was a lot of fun!

Friday was our weekly planning.. I seriously hate this day! It is just a killer! Not to mention on Friday I just was in this I don't want to do anything mood.. We got a frosty and did our planning at Wendy's that made it a little better. Later that night we went out to dinner with a member in our ward named Anita Blackmon and her best friend Natalie who we are currently teaching. They took us to Olive Garden!  Mmmm, seriously these people are going to get me so fat! After dinner we just went and knocked doors in the ghetto for the rest of the night. Anita was so worried for us she made us take her pepper spray and whistle with us! Haha but don't worry mom it wasn't really any ghetto that you would think!

Saturday was the best day of the week!!! We had a baptism!!!! Sister Carol Baughman was baptized! It was such a sweet moment! She was a member and 15 years ago she had her name removed from the records so watching her come back to the gospel was just such a great day! She was just so excited! She is probably in her 70's maybe even her 80's I'm not really sure. But the cool part was she is an albino! That's right, I'm just out here finding the rare albinos and baptizing them!

After the baptism we had a lesson with a referral from the Spanish elders. His name was Adam. He seemed really nice. We had the Tompkins from our ward come to the lesson with us. They are seriously the best people ever! After the lesson they took us to the kangaroo (that's a gas station if y'all don't know that) and they bought us freezies! They got us the big ones too! I got a 44 oz Coke freezie! I think my Coke problem is coming back.. Haha I guess there are worse things though!

Ok so later that night I thought I was going to die!  Like seriously! So we are in bed and I am just about to fall asleep when we hear this noise.. Instantly Sister McGregor asks if I am awake. She then just starts asking me if I locked the door. I then couldn't remember if I locked it or not so I then we start panicking.  She asks me if I will go check and see if someone is in the house.  Y'all know me, I'm the biggest baby ever. It took me 10 minutes just to get up and try to peek under the door! Haha we then decided that we would just flip on the bedroom light and check it out. After that we were so panicked we had to turn on our primary songs to fall asleep. We then realized that our apartment has never been blessed.. We are hoping to get it blessed asap!

Sunday we had to speak in church. I spoke on the talk given by President Uchtdorf in the priesthood session of conference. My talk turned out fabulous! After church we went to dinner at the Mcgrath's.
We had smoked bbq! Seriously, the people here in Ocala eat amazing!!  So we had bbq, and baked beans, fried okra, green Collier's, and then just a whole bunch of salads! It was amazing! After dinner we played on the trampoline with the grandkids! I'm not sure if it is allowed but it was fun! Haha we played some good old, dead man dead man! After that we just went out knocking doors. Oh we went down this one street to contact a potential investigator and no kidding there were like 50 cats just chillin in the street! It was kinda creepy!

Sister McGregor and I are trying to tract at least an hour a day. We have a rewards system to help motivate us. If we do it we can get an ice cream. If we don't do it then we have to wake up 30 minutes earlier and go running for an hour! Let's just say I am making sure we have a golden hour every day! Haha Today is p-day, I haven't done too much. I sent home a package, I also went and had to get a smaller size of shoes. Thanks for getting those mom, they were just a little big so I just had to take back and order the smaller size. They are cheaper here though. I only paid 40 dollars, so I am keeping the extra money! Well that's about all that's been going on. 

We just got done getting smoothies from brother McGrath. He owns a smoothie shop here so we get free smoothies any time we come in because he loves us so much! Haha I hope y'all have a happy Halloween! Look for my package. It said it would be there on Wednesday! I love you all and miss you like crazy!
Sister Webb


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