Friday, June 10, 2016

John got baptized!! - May 30, 2016 (oops! out of order!)

Hello family!!

I'm going to try to make this a better email then the ones that I have been sending lately. It was a such a crazy week this week and ended with a bang! John got baptized!! It was such an amazing day but before I tell that story I will start back at the beginning of the week.

Monday, we had p-day. It was our district p=day and we just played a bunch of games and ate lunch at the church. After p-day we went out to work and we did a golden hour in hopes of finding someone.  Well, we knocked and knocked and finally we came to this cute mint green house and I was determined that this was the house we would find someone to be baptized. This cute little old lady answers the door and we start to teach her and she is like "are y'all Jehovah witnesses?"  We say no and and with a big smile on our face we say "we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" The lady just says "even worse.."  And then slams the door in our face! Haha it was probably the funniest moment ever!

On Tuesday we went out for the night and we started street contacting by the hospital. Well, we met this man named Santos who we started talking to and he spoke zero English. This made it a bit tricky but we managed to get his number. Luckily I remembered that much Spanish.  Well at the end of talking to him out of no where he just learned over and gave me this huge hug and before I could react I realized I was getting a kiss as well... Talk about awkward! I just wanted to die!

On Wednesday we went to the Mandarin district meeting! That was so much fun! It was so good to be back in my first area again. After district meeting all the elders and sisters went to this Mexican restaurant and ate lunch! It was yummy and fun! After that we had a trade off with the YSA sisters! Talk about a fun trade off! I went with Sister Ward and she is just the sweetest sister ever! It was fun!
We found some new investigators and taught some awesome lessons. We taught John to finish up all of his lessons for baptism.

Our trade off continued on to Thursday. It ended with a bang. And when I say that I mean literally. As we were driving to meet the other sisters to trade back we found out they got in a crash! Talk about ending a trade off on an awkward note.. We had to sit around for about an hour waiting for the cops to come. And then we had to fill out a bunch of paper work.. It was a long afternoon. Thursday night we went out with one of the young women and we had some more amazing lessons.

On Friday Sister Ruesch and I realized that we have to give a training on Tuesday in missionary leadership conference and we had nothing. So we decided to take our lunch time to started it. Well about 10 minutes into it we got a call from one of the sisters who was upset and in tears and was having a bunch of problems. So we ended our lunch then and drove straight to their apartment to have a companionship inventory with them and to solve the problem... Talk about awkward! We ended up having a 2 hour companionship inventory and talk all their problems out. It was super awkward. After that we went to the mission home and we started making a PowerPoint for our training that we still hadn't written. So we made a power point and then we rushed straight to the church to meet John and president for John's baptism interview.  Happy day, he passed!

Saturday we ran around like chickens who had their heads cut off getting things ready for the baptism. That afternoon we had interviews with President Craig. I love interviews. Mine usually go about like this. He asked me how my family is. I usually answer in one word of good. He asked me how I am, I usually reply the same way. We talk about my past companion. Yes, I talked all about Sister Olsen and how much I miss her and love her. He told me how awesome I am doing at being a sister training leader. He told me I need to do a trade off with another sister who is struggling. And then left me with a prayer.  This interview lasted a total of 10 minutes. Most missionaries are in there for at least 30 minutes.. 

After my interview it was time for John's baptism. The baptism was amazing! John was just beaming and glowing. He has completely turned his life around. He went from doing drugs and partying all the time to checking himself into rehab and starting his journey to turn his life over to God. We taught him and he loved everything and believed it all. His cousin came to the baptism and cried the whole time because the spirit was so strong. She loved it and so did John!

Sunday was a day of miracles. John got confirmed! He got his dog back so now he won't be lonely and we worked hard and accomplished so much!

So starting on Sunday night for our goals we still needed 3 new investigators, 3 other lessons, 1 baptism date and, 1 more progressing investigator and 1 recent convert or less active lesson. So we prayed and followed the spirit and we were able to accomplish all of that!  Heavenly Father just blesses those who work hard!

So today we had a sister's pday. It was a lot of fun! We still have not written our training but hey, we love waiting to the last minute to do things.

I hope y'all have a good week! Mine is going to be crazy busy again.  We have MLC where we will give our training tomorrow morning. We then have a trade off right after that with Sister McGregor and Sister Rigby! I'm so excited for that. We trade back from that on Wednesdays and start another trade off where I will be going to the Mandarin area for a day to help them because they are struggling. And then when we are done with that we have a trade off on Friday with another set of sisters. Talk about busy! But it will be great!

Love you all! And miss you so much!
Sister Webb


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