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No rest when it comes to saving souls! - June 5, 2016

Hello family!

I think I worked so hard I hit the point of exhaustion this week where i had to take a break because I started making myself sick! This week was a crazy busy week but it was so much fun! We started our week off by doing the sisters p-day and that took a lot of planning and stress on our part. 

On Tuesday we had MLC where we gave a training in front of all of the leaders in our mission. After that we ended up doing 3 trade offs back to back. Plus trying to keep up on all the goals and work in our own area! It was intense but thankfully it is all over and and I can somewhat relax this last week of transfers before the craziness picks back up at the beginning of next transfer.

I guess I will tell you all about my week now that I gave you a little summary. So I will start with Monday night. We got home about 9:30 and planned for our trade off next day. That took us until around 10 when we finally decided that we needed to sit down and plan out our training for the next morning that we would be giving in the missionary leadership council. That took us the remainder of the night and thankfully we got it all figured out. The next morning we went to MLC and gave a beautiful training on proper use of our iPads and making sure that we are following all of the rules with them. Talk about rebuking all of the missionaries and calling them all to repentance. But it went well! We made some hilarious videos to go along with our training. 

After MLC we went on a trade off with the other sister training leaders who are serving in Jax west zone. This was probably my favorite and best part of my week! Team McGrebb was reunited once again! Y'all probably have no clue what I am talking about so I'll just tell you. I went on a trade off with Sister McGregor!! I went to her area and it was the best! It was so good to be companions again! Even if it was only for a day. We laughed the whole time! I have not laughed that hard since I was with her. We were crying we were laughing so hard, just talking about the good old days in Ocala and all our rebellious and slack moments! Haha we stayed up way too late just talking and laughing. By morning Sister McGregor woke up sick and I felt like I had ran my head into a brick wall. That was when we decided to just exercise like we use to... Celestial stretches in bed.. Haha don't worry though, I repented and went jogging the rest of the week for it! In fact this morning I went out jogging in the rain! Anyways, being companions with Sister McGregor has truly blessed my life and I've made a life friend out of it! I know that we will always be best friends! It was so hard to say our good-byes on Wednesday afternoon. We kept making excuses to delay trading back. We were suppose to trade back at 4 and finally by 6:30 we couldn't think of anymore excuses! Haha 

After trading back from that trade off I went straight to another trade off with the sisters in the Mandarin 1st area. Sister Ruesch had to just pack me more clothes because we didn't have time to go home.  It was fun to be back in my old area again! I was able to see some of the old people that I had been working with and some ward members! We had a lesson with Sister Johnson and oh my, I just miss that lady! She is absolutely the best lady ever! We also saw Sister Bathea who we had reactivated when I was in Mandarin. She is currently taking temple prep and plans to go next month to take our her endowments and to get sealed to her husband! It was beautiful! We also stopped by Sister Beaver's house and The Warners. It was good to see all of them and to be able to help the work in my old area progress. 

That night I had to sleep on the air mattress at the hardly move. Thankfully Thursday night our trade off ended and I was able to sleep in my bed for the first time since Monday.

By Friday morning I was so exhausted I felt sick, I couldn't do anything so I had to take a nap before I could even think about doing weekly planning. After a 30 minute nap and some Coke I felt so much better! We weekly planned and then later that day we had yet again another trade off. Thankfully it was the last one of the transfer!  Yay!! 

It doesn't help that this is basically the last week of transfers! Haha  We went on a trade off with Sister Smith and Sister Clark. Sister Smith came out at the same time as Sister Olsen and was trained by sister Clark! It was a fun trade off! I went with Sister Clark! They both are amazing missionaries and I am determined that Sister Smith is going to be the next sister training leader! She is awesome!

After our trade off with them Sister Ruesch and I were finally back together. It makes for a long week when you never get to see your companion. We worked hard the remainder of the week and we were able to accomplish all but 2 of our goals. We just needed one more person at church and someone to be baptized and confirmed! 

On Sunday we had an awesome day at church! It was fast and testimony meeting and one of the elder's investigators got up and bore her testimony. It was the sweetest thing ever. We taught Relief Society and that was fun. We taught out of the Daughters in my Kingdom book and we talked about the importance of families and the Family Proclamation to the World. It made me realize how much I love y'all and I'm so grateful I was raised up in a gospel centered home and that I have such amazing parents and family who love and support me in everything I do. After church we had a break the fast and that was great! I love the ward I'm serving in the people here are just so sweet!

Before I end I will just tell you about all of the people I am working with. We are still working with Nanny. She is so sweet! If y'all don't remember who she is she is my grandma in Florida. She is 83 years old and if you just imagine he greatest old lady you've ever met with a spunky personality you have Nanny! She always tells us how spoiled we are and calls us her babies! She is the best! She was suppose to be baptized this coming Saturday but we had to push her date back to June 25th because we were teaching her too fast. I just love her to death!

Next we have a man named Henry Campla. We met Henry last Sunday night.  He is so elect. So we were just out knocking doors and he was mowing his lawn. We were just planing to give him a card and keep going but he stopped the lawn mower got off and instantly said who are y'all?  There is just something special about y'all! We were able that night to teach part of the restoration and set a baptism date with him for July 9th. Well we went back a few days later and his wife answered the door and told us to get lost... She was not too nice. By Saturday we tried Henry again and he answered and we were able to teach him the entire restoration. He loved everything and agreed with it all. When we shared the first vision he said it all makes sense and someone would be crazy if they didn't believe it! He told us how his wife found the pamphlet we left with him sitting around the house so she threw it away. We gave him a new one and he said he was going to hide it this time. We also left a copy of the Book of Mormon and this was my favorite part. He wrapped it up in a newspaper ad and said he was going to go lock it in his truck and only read it there so his wife wouldn't throw it out! He is the best and I'm so excited to keep teaching him. We just are praying like crazy that his wife's heart is softened.

We also have 2 more baptism dates but they are not as exciting as Henry and Nanny. We set one with a man named Garrian.  He is from Jamaica.  His is for July 16 and then we have one for a lady named Annette for July 9th as well. We are working on having a baptism every week so keep praying we will find the elect to set dates with!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I love you all and miss you!!

Sister Webb


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