Monday, June 6, 2016

Transfers... Got to hate them! - May 2, 2016

I have some very sad news but some very exciting news!!! So sad news first, I did not survive transfers...sadly I will be leaving Ocala on Wednesday to head back to Jacksonville! Ok brace yourselves for my good news!! This may shock every single one of you because it sure shocked me! The good news is I've become the new sister training leader for the Jacksonville east area!!! I'm now the sister who will be in charge of all the sisters in my area and will be doing trade offs every week with them! Not to mention I will be giving trainings all the time at zone meetings and district meetings.. I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father just wanted a good laugh by putting me in panic mode!

So this week has been a long week but a week filled with many miracles! I will start with Monday. I didn't tell you about this story in the last email because well I was to lazy to write on my birthday.
I need to tell y'all about Jim and Easton. So 2 Friday's ago we were walking down the street to an appointment and this man pulls over in a jeep and starts yelling out the window at us. I told Sister Olsen to keep walking because I was not going to talk to him. Well Sister Olsen likes to pretend to talk to everyone. This means she walks up to everyone says hi and then nothing else, leaving me to then continue talking and lead into teaching. So she does this with Easton. Now let me explain Easton to y'all. He is the biggest hillbilly that I have ever seen and has this thick southern accent! So we tell him we are missionaries and that we share a message about the Book of Mormon. He says he is interested and that he wants to come to church. So we leave a card with our number and the address to church and say we will save him a spot on Sunday. We left and I was like, "ya this man is never going to call or come to church.." Wrong!! The next day he calls and confirms the time church starts and says that he is going to bring a friend. I still don't believe this man. Well, I was wrong... He showed up to church on Sunday and brought a friend named Jim! Miracle!! They both are these hillbillies with a bunch of tattoos and Easton has his key chain around his neck with a lighter attached! Haha Jim loved church and got real emotional when we asked him how he liked it! He said he had never been to a better church! He loved it!! anyways, we set up an appointment to teach them Monday night. We taught the restoration to them on Monday night and again Jim loved it! He cried when we talked about the restoration and showed him the Joseph Smith picture. Then on Friday we had another lesson with them and taught the Plan of Salvation. This lesson hit home to Jim. His wife died 4 years ago and he loved the fact that she could get sealed to him for eternity! We invited Jim to baptism that night and set a date! It was such an amazing lesson! Ok here comes the funny story, so we are at the lesson and Easton walks up to us with his beer in his hand and a cigarette in the other and asks us if we have ever seen the real Mississippi hillbilly? Of course we have no idea what he is talking about and think he is just calling himself the Mississippi hillbilly.

Well, he walks back to his jeep and comes back with a harmonica! He gives it to me and tells me to try it out.. Haha of course I am thinking this man is crazy because I'm not putting my lips to his harmonica ever. So I awkwardly try blowing in it with out my lips touching it. He basically tells me I am doing it all wrong and takes it from me and starts to play it to demonstrate. He then gives it back to me and tells me that it's my turn again. By this point I'm dying because I don't know what to do. I still awkwardly try to blow in it and he then tells me I need to take it home and practice. He told me that if I practice he will let me be in his band! So, I take home the harmonica and Lysol it down and let me just say, I have become quite good at playing it! I'm probably going to get a disease from it but oh well! I played some random hillbilly's harmonica!! We are going back to see him tonight so I will tell y'all about that next week!

We had a lesson with George this week. Somehow my lessons with him always get very heated and I always start to yell. This week we got in a heated session and he once again told me that I am very prideful! It may have gotten me a little mad so I yelled back and told him he was prideful  as well! All he said back was "I know"! After that I told him he had to shut up and just listen to what I have to say. Our next lesson with him went very well! We talked about missionary work and we role-played the restoration with him. He is planning to go out knocking doors with the elders on Thursday! I'm excited to hear how it all goes!

Friday we spent sometime helping Tonnie and JQ move! It was fun! All the elders came and helped us! We got them all moved in to their new place and they love it!

We did service on Saturday for the March for Babies /March for Dimes fundraiser. It was a lot of fun. We woke up at 5:20 so we could be there by  6. Once we were there we filled up a ton of balloons and put them everywhere. Then around 9 a BBQ place donated a bunch of stuff to make pulled pork sandwiches so we helped make those. It was fun. The rule was that you could not touch anything but the food once you had your gloves on. Well the meat kept falling on the table so I kept bending over and licking it right off of the table! Haha yes, you heard me right.. I was licking food off of a table because my mom wasn't there to tell me to use my manners. Don't worry, once we were all finished they let me lick the pan clean that the meat was in! Haha it was a lot of fun at the service project!
Basically that's all that's been happening here! I'm super stressing already about being a sister training leader. I'll be giving my first zone meeting training next week!! Yikes! I'm definitely not ready for this!! Anyways, I basically got too slack to keep writing so I will write more next week!
Love and miss y'all!
I can't wait to skype on Sunday!!
Sister Webb


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