Wednesday, June 29, 2016

13 months down 5 to go! - June 13, 2016

Hello family!
I'm so glad to hear that everyone seems to be having a good week and enjoying summer vacation. Summer is finally starting to hit here. It's finally hit the point where 85 degrees feels nice and cool. Most days it hits 100 and doesn't cool down much from there. I sport the sweaty look most days. Strangely people still find me attractive sweaty or not. This week I receive another kiss from another strange random man that we met outside of John's apartments. I don't know how this keeps happening but I must find a solution. It seems like I just go to shake their hand and the next thing I know they are hugging me and kissing my cheek! Thankfully it's just my cheek! Haha Well this week is transfers but that's nothing new, I'm still in Hendricks and still have 3 more transfers here! And then guess what?  I'll be at my last transfer!! Crazy right? I only have 4 transfers until I'll be home! But enough about that. I don't want to get to trunky yet..

This week was good. It was the first week all transfer that I spent with Sister Ruesch. We didn't have a single trade off which was nice but we start them all back up this next week.

We had some awesome lessons this week! We set 2 more baptism dates and we bumped Nanny's baptism up to Saturday!!! I'm so excited! She is seriously the best! We had a lesson this week and she told us how she wants to get a hold of everyone who isn't coming to church just to tell them how happy the gospel makes her and ask why they don't come to church. Haha 

We had a competition this week of which companionship could find the most investigators. I thought we were on fire because we had 8 new investigators but we lost to the Spanish elders who managed to find 11.

I really don't have to much too say this week. I gave a talk in church yesterday. It was good. It was on member missionary work. If y'all aren't going out with the missionaries or opening your home up to have lessons there then I am calling y'all to repentance right now! You should be ashamed and call them up and get them in your home! Even if it is just for dinner. 

We have such a great ward and the members are finally warming up to us. Seriously though, who could resist spending an evening with me? I'm basically like the best person ever! Haha I basically don't have much more to report so I will talk to y'all next week!

Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb


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