Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pics from June 5, 2016

Team McGrebb! - I've missed Sister McGregor so stinkin' much!!! Best trade off of my life!!

Sister McGregor and I pointing to the baptism goals we set right next to each other!
We had to get an Ocala family photo! All of my favorite missionaries who have served in Ocala! Ocala is where leaders are trained!
These are all of the missionaries I came out with. We are all serving in leadership
I just love this lady to death! June 25th can't come soon enough!
A trade off
The typical Sister Johnson and I! I love this lady so much!
Sister Warner and I! I figured Carolyn Barnes would appreciate this photo since they are best friends!
The trade off photo with my Mandarin 1st sisters!
Trade off selfie!


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