Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pics from May 16, 2016

We had dinner at a members house and they had this cute little table for us. I felt like I was in a little restaurant.
So here are the photos I have collected of sister Ruesch and I. They explain us so well! We are both very awkward!
This is John! He is our awesome investigator who is going to be baptized on May 28!!! He is so amazing! He just loves everything we teach him, he loves church and being around the members! He can't wait to be baptized!! #mightymiraclemay
Trade off selfie with Sister Stoddard and Sister Gagnon!
My trade off photo with Sister Stoddard
Sister Linton and I tried to take a fancy lookin' photo but it didn't turn out so well. We sat in a ditch basically and tried to look pretty! Haha
My trade off photo with Sister Linton
Trade off selfie with the Mandarin 1st sisters!


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