Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm officially 24!! I'm so old!! - April 25, 2016

It's my birthday!!!

Thank you all so much for all of the birthday presents!! I don't think I have ever gotten so many presents in my life! I loved all of the cards as well! Y'all gave me way too many cakes though! Sister Olsen's mom sent a cake so we ate that on Friday but because we didn't have lots of eggs we just ate the batter. Then on Sunday night we made the cake that mom sent and ate it! Let's just say that 24 candles is a lot!  Basically all the candles had melted by the time we got them to light.. Haha we also made the awesome tie dye cake that David sent me and plan to share that with my district today at p-day. We are planning to have a birthday party! I will send pictures of it! We are having cake, and then we have party hats and we plan to crack the piΓ±ata that David sent me! I'm pretty excited!

So I will quickly tell you all about my week. This email will probably be short because I have a busy day ahead of me. I woke up bright and early to head to Gainesville to go to the orthopedic institute for my ankle. They took some x-rays of it, felt my knob and told me that I need to wear a wedge in my shoe, go to physical therapy and take ibuprofen. So that is what I will do! I am glad that it isn't as bad as it could be! I've been blessed! No more ankle brace, and no boot!  Yay!!

Not too much happened this week besides we had another baptism!!! So remember how I told you about George? A miracle took place and after we taught him about prophets and the priesthood for what felt like the hundredth time he finally understood!! He prayed and knew it was true and he was able to get baptized!!! Happy day!! That's 2 baptisms in less then 2 weeks!!!! He is still the strangest man that you'll ever meet! So let me tell you what happened the day of his baptism. We didn't have the car so the ward mission leader said he would pick us and George up for the baptism. So we pull up at George's house and he is just outside waiting by the the club house and he is wearing some basket ball shorts and no shirt on. Not to mention he had a towel around his neck. He basically looked like he was ready to go swimming!  Haha we were all dying of laughter! When we asked if he had clothes to change into he said, yeah I got my boxers and then I will put these on after. Haha we basically just took him to church and made him put on the jumpsuit. After he got baptized he just stood in the font saying hallelujah for about 5 minutes. We got him another jumpsuit to wear for after the baptism so he wouldn't have to be shirtless at his baptism and then here is the best part! When we picked George up for church the next day he was still wearing the jumpsuit with a Shirt that said Levi on it over top. He said it was because he was from the tribe of Levi.. Haha this man is soooo awkward! Haha but we love him!  There is never a dull moment with George!

Anyways, that about all the exciting news I have for you! Next week is transfers so I will tell y'all next email if I go or not! Pray that I stay here! I just need one more transfer here!!!! Sorry this is short and lame! I will write better next week!

Love you all and miss you tons!!
Sister Webb


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