Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pics and Videos - April 18, 2016

Here are some pictures of the sisters in our area!
So I woke up on Wednesday morning and decided that I wanted to cut my hair.. I didn't have any hair cutting scissors so I borrowed Sister Olsen's sewing scissors and cut my bangs. I've become a hair cutting pro!
After I cut my bangs I decided that it looks so good that I needed to take a photo shoot! Basically I am the hottest missionaries ever!  Y'all should be proud to call me your missionary!
Same photo with glasses on
This is a photo of us and Anita! She is the best and we love her!  She always comes out with us!!
Tonnie's Baptism
So this week I set some good weekly goals. These pictures include a picture of our vision board and goals. A picture of me during weekly planning. We get really serious! A video of me breaking my goal of not eating past 6.. And then my exercise goal! Day one was a success!
Don't judge my exercising... I have to take baby steps!
So sometimes during George's lessons Sister Olsen sneaks photos and videos of George. Yes, he is always shirtless during the lessons. This video is of when he tried to tell us that Oprah might have the priesthood. Hope y'all enjoy!
Sister Olsen's talent show


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