Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pictures & Videos - April 4, 2016

So I would just like y'all to take a good look at my eyebrows! Look how nice they are! Sister Olsen and I decided to grow out our eyebrows so we could wax them. Well, I got the good idea to try the eyebrow threading.. Let me just say that was the most painful thing ever! But it was so worth it! My eyebrows have not looked this nice since before my mission! Oh and check out the nice dye job on my hair! No more blonde roots! Yay!!
Companionship Unity
Sister Olsen's armpit
My armpit
My armpit one day after shaving.
We are so weird!!
This is my new district!
We did night service for Sister Nohns in our ward. We dug some holes and transplanted two trees for her! Look at my shovel skills! Haha
This is the trophy we won for having the most baptism invites in our district in one day! We got 7!! We are basically a power house!
Me and the trophy!  I'm basically just so cute that's why I sent so many!
I finally broke down and dyed my hair again. It was going in 8 weeks without dying it.
These spiders have become my best friends..
We are learning called to serve in Spanish... We have a lot of improvement but we thought you would enjoy this.


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