Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pics & Videos - April 25, 2016

Birthday selfies!! - I had to take a few birthday selfies to show off my birthday buttons and my new shirt! Don't I just look so cute? :)
I got poo-pourri!! - So Sister Olsen got me poo-pourri for my birthday... Not sure if she was trying to tell me something or maybe it's because I always talk about poop.. Haha oh well! I loved it!
Birthday cake celebration!!
Sunday night birthday celebration! - Here is a picture of us making the tie dye cake! Notice my nice new shirt!! :) Sorry Mom, I could resist and I had to open the package the second I got it!
24 candles! That was a trick lighting all of them!
Blowing out the candles!
My sad face because all the candles melted and got wax in my cake!
George's baptism!!
Butterfly races! - This is what we resort to when we are bored. It's how we have fun! Haha
Birthday presents!! - Here is a photo of the package David sent me! Of course I opened it last Monday! Ha ha
Here are some pictures of all of my packages and presents combined! I got a lot!!
My Ankle - I thought y'all would like to get a close up on what my ankle looks like! Look at that attractive knob on my ankle! Also, look what my new shoes have done to my poor feet... I have blisters everywhere!
Lazy Friday - Friday was our lazy day. We chose to wear no make up and not do our hair.. What has happened to me? A little while I wouldn't be caught dead with out make up or my hair done. Not to mention look at what I am wearing? I don't even match? Haha and yes, I went out in public looking like this? I've become a frumpy missionary!!! Oh no!!!!
Lizard adventures - Sister Olsen caught a lizard!! It was quite a scary moment for me! She would only hold it with her winter gloves on.. Haha what a weirdo! But I love her!!
Book of Mormon selfies
No Shaving Armpit Companion Unity
I just wanted to take a selfie with my new glasses
My seductive armpit photo
Sister Olsen trying to take a photo of her armpit.
I caught a video of sister Olsen trying to lick her armpit for a photo.. Haha
Armpit licking - Sister Olsen convinced me to take some armpit licking photos with her... Haha only a few more days and we will shave them!
We know how to celebrate a birthday here in Ocala!!


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