Tuesday, April 26, 2016

🌴🐊🐛🌴 - April 11, 2016

Dear family,
I would say thank you for all of the letters and emails this week but oh wait, I got nothing... Y'all are little punks! Sister Olsen got at least a letter a day in the mail and she got at least one email every night when we would check... Oh and she got 2 packages.. What is this?

It's my birthday and I only got 3 emails this week. One from my pros card telling me how poor I really am and that I only have 100 dollars left for the month, one telling me that my iPad was not in compliance with missionary rules because somehow an app got installed that wasn't suppose to be.. I'm not really sure how that even happened. Finally at least I have a friend who loves me enough to write! I hope this is rebuking enough to make you feel guilty so y'all will write me more!  Now that I have made y'all feel bad for not writing I think I got my point across. I need some letters or emails!!

We had a pretty good week! I can't even really remember what happened but it was good. Monday was the usual, we had p-day and just played sports the whole time. After that we just knocked some doors and visited some random people.

On Tuesday I can't even remember what happened. We had a lesson with George. He is currently our favorite investigator! I like to call him Georgie...but he doesn't know that! Anyways, We taught him the law of chastity and let me tell you how awkward that was.... 2 single  girls teaching a 30 year old man who looks like a Jewish rabbi what the law of chastity in tales. Half way through he was like "um, I'm actually still a virgin..." With out thinking I just smile really big and say "that's good! We are too!!" And then I just continued on with teaching! Who says that?? Yep, basically I'm just really awkward.. Later after George's lesson we got together as a district to practice singing as a district for zone meeting on Wednesday. Let's just say no one in our district sings so there was much to be desired. Sister Olsen and I were soprano. Which really consisted on me singing because Sister Olsen just mouthed the words. And then the other sisters and 1 elder sang alto and then the rest just got divided to sing tenor and bass. It was bad... That about sums up Tuesday.

On Wednesday we had zone meeting. It was really good. They just talked about things we can be doing to help us have the Holy Ghost more in our lives and become better consecrated disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. I got a lot out if it. We also got to sign our song as a district! I think the best part was when I walked up and Elder Hopkins put down the little step stool for me to stand on front and center and I just climbed right up and sang. Haha after zone meeting all the sisters went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch! Mmmm!!! I forgot how much I love that place! I ate way to much! After that we went on trade offs so we stayed the night up in Gainesville. That was really fun! It's always nice to get a change of scenery and companion. I got to go to the campus and do some proselyting. That was really fun! I start to enjoy it more every time we do it! Maybe my next area will be the YSA!
I loved trade offs the only sad part is that I lost my Preach My Gospel so I currently don't have one... Thank goodness it is on my iPad. Hopefully it will show up here soon.

On Thursday we got to teach Tonnie and JQ. We finished up all of our lessons with them! We taught them the law of chastity and the last few laws and ordinances he needed for baptism. That was a fun lesson!  Tonnie is officially ready for baptism!! He is getting interviewed this Thursday by the district leader and then he just has to come to church one more time. So we have to push his date back by one more week. Sadly, the bishops and stake president have talked and Tonnie must be baptized into the other ward so we will be passing him off this week to them. But they did say that we could still teach him for a little bit after the pass off! Hopefully by the 23 he will be baptized!

So here is a good story for y'all! So we had dinner with a member on Thursday. We had rice, gravy and what I thought was just a hamburger patty.. Sounds like a typical thing I would eat at home so I was so excited! I had a huge plate and the hamburger patty was massive! I was so excited to eat it. Well, I took one bite of the hamburger patty and realized something wasn't right. It had a funny texture and it tasted... I'm not even sure how describe the taste.. Let's just say I was really struggling to eat this mystery meat! I look over and Sister Olsen is almost done with hers which is amazing because usually I'm the first one done eating. So, I'm just trying not to gag and throw it up and am still slowly eating this meat. I have about half my patty left when I realize that Sister Olsen is finished.. Instantly she says, "This is so good! What kind of meat is this?" I wanted to kick her because I still wasn't finished. Instantly the member says, "It's venison..." I wanted to die!! Sister Olsen still not knowing what venison was was just fine! Here I am with half a patty left on my plate and all I can think is I am eating Bambi! Haha it was quite the struggle but I'm proud to say I managed to eat it all! The things you eat as a missionary!

Friday we just had a crazy day of trying to cram in lessons. We had another lesson with George. It was interesting. We talked about family history and the temple and eternal marriage. What an appropriate lesson for him since we taught the law of charity the previous lesson.. Haha he just asked a bunch of questions about the temple and then did the typical George of quoting the Bible to us and asking us what we think of all of the verses. After that lesson we had a lesson with Sister Thompson. She is so sweet! She made us a little goodie bag to take home with us that had some crackers and bananas in it!

Saturday we just visited a bunch of people and then later that night we had stake conference. It was good. It was up in Gainesville so we rode with the Tompkins. They bought us yummy pizza and garlic knots for dinner! We had Elder Munns of the 70 speak at stake conference. It was all on member missionary work and how we can make it easier. I loved it!

Sunday we went to stake conference up in Gainesville again. George came to this! It was great! After conference we went to dinner at the Tompkins house. They were signed up to feed us on the 24th for my birthday dinner but something came up so we moved it to yesterday. It was great! We had spaghetti and garlic bread and then salad and strawberries. For desert we had brownies and ice cream! Mmmm it was good. Mom I'm sure you are shocked to hear that I chose spaghetti for my birthdays dinner. But it was really good!

I guess I will update you on my ankle. So I am going to an orthopedic surgeon up in Gainesville as soon as they can get me in to have my ankle looked at. They said most likely they are going to have to get me in a boot... I'm not to excited about that but hey it might get me a car full time. Of course I would not be the driver any more... Oh well, I just need this painful ankle to get better!

On a happier note, I was so happy to hear that the baptism went good!  Tell grandma to hang in there and to pack some cookies in her purse! I am very angry that I requested some photos of this beautiful baptism that I could not be a part of and I have not received any.... What is this? Anyways, I expect lots of letters, emails and pictures this week because basically in 14 days it is by birthday and that is what I want for my birthday!

Love you all so very much! We have less then a month now and I get to skype y'all!! I can't wait!!! I am getting more and more excited about it! Hope y'all have a good week!
Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb


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