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I love conference! - April 4, 2016

It feel like summer here! It has been so hot this past week.. It was in the 90's all week... And sadly, I have gotten another sunburn but that is part of another story. I hope y'all had a good week! I sure did! I'm starting to realize that time is going by to quickly! I only have about 7 1/2 more months... As much as I am so excited to come home and get back to normal life, I don't want this to end that soon! I guess I will tell you about my week. 

So last Monday we had p-day and I kinda worked on my training but then got so flustered that I gave up and went and played volleyball and soccer with the district. Let me just tell you that was hot!! Playing soccer outside in the 90 degree weather is a killer. I'm pretty sure all the elders just think I'm a sweating machine because I was dripping by the end! After that I played some basketball with Elder Hopkins. We play what we call house.  It's not what it sounds like...haha. We play house instead of horse because Elder Hopkins doesn't know how to spell and he always spells house instead of horse. Anyways, let's just say he was nice enough to let me beat him at that. We then played this game called 4 on the line. Basically you have to make the shots or you loose points and when you loose your 4 points your out. I lost pretty quickly at that because our district is all really good at basketball. Later that night we had a lesson with our investigator named George.

Ok, so I can't remember if I told you much about George last week. So George use to live in New York where he was meeting with missionaries and had a baptism date. He then moved here before he got baptized.  Sounds like the golden investigator right? Wrong... George is very smart and has studied the bible very deep his whole life. He is very fascinated by missionary work and religion and knows he wants to be baptized into our church. The only problem is he studies so much that he wants to know all of this deep stuff that I don't know and he is always quoting the Bible and he studies other religions so that has made it hard. Finally I just told him, "George, it's great to have questions but as you read the Book of Mormon and pray about what we teach you will find your answers." We taught him the restoration on Monday night. He had a bunch of questions on the priesthood and the great apostasy.. He kept asking how I knew there was no priesthood during the great apostasy and where would it say that in the Bible. Oh boy, I am sure learning my Bible out here that's for sure. Basically I told him this is something to pray about. We came back the next day and he had answered his own questions. It was great!

On Tuesday we had district meeting. I basically had to just give my training by the spirit because I gave up on preparing for it. But it went really well! I gave it on how we can be better aligned with the ward and how we can help get them more involved and and up to speed on the work that is going on in the ward. I'm not going to lie my training was pretty good but I'll try to keep myself humble. Haha later that night we had a lesson with our investigator named Tony Smith. Sister Martin was so sweet and let us do it at her house. It was great. We talked all about baptism and basically questioned him on why he never got baptized. Basically he told us he wanted to pray and find a perfect date that is why he never got baptized. Well we instantly invited him to baptism and set the date of April 23 with him. He is currently praying about if this is going to be the right date. So we had a crazy spirit story with Tony. Ok so I told you last email how I kept getting the prompting all last transfer to go down Tony's road. While we finally do and he told us that usually he doesn't answer the door unless the person happened to call and tell him they are coming. Well, the night we met him he felt like he should open the door and then he found us standing on the other side.  Blessings of following the spirit I guess.

Wednesday we had a good day we started our day off by having lunch with Sister Acosta. She is so sweet! On Easter she gave us an Easter egg with some candy in it and then it had 20 dollars in it! We had lunch at 5 Guys and then she bought us Coldstone. It was so good! After that we went and saw  Ron. It was an ok visit but he is just going through lots right now.. After Ron's appointment we had a lesson with George again. This is where my sunburn story comes in. So, like I said it's been around 95 almost every day this week. On Wednesday we did not have the car so we walked to Ron and George. We get to George's lesson and he wants to have it at the pool. I'm dying of heat so we open the umbrella over the table and start the lesson. Somehow George relates the sun to the light of Christ and he likes to soak in it so he then asks us if we can put down the umbrella... I just smile and say sure even though I wanted to tell him he is freakin' crazy and I'm going to fry!! Let's just say I was right, I got so sunburned I'm still a little burnt from it. The lesson went good though, we taught him the word of wisdom. Later that day we had a lesson with our new investigator named Amanda. The Spanish elders found her and she committed herself to live the law of chastity and she said she wanted to be baptized. We taught her the restoration and set a baptism date for May 7th with her. Although that might not happen because we still have to explain that the law of chastity means you can't live with your boyfriend... But maybe a miracle will take place! After that we went to the Kalmar's house and visited with them that was great! I love going and seeing them. Finally we ended our night with Book of Mormon class.

On Thursday we had a lesson with Sister Dowling it was really good. We really didn't do too much that day. It was just a lot of knocking doors. We were suppose to have a lesson with Tonnie and JQ but they canceled last minute. :( Friday we had weekly planning. It's a drag as usual and I hate it.
After that we just crammed out the lessons. We had a lesson with our new investigator Taquoia. That was good. We taught her the restoration and invited her to baptism! She said yes! Next time we plan to set a date with her! Then we had a lesson with our investigator named Tom.  He is pretty cool he only has one leg and he tells us how he lost it every time we go to visit. He also tells us how when he was a little boy he could not drink out of the cold water fountain because he was black. That is basically mentioned every time we go! I love crazy people! After Tom we went to visit Brother Randolph and talked to him about conference. We then saw Mary Morgan. She is a old lady in the ward who lives at a rehab place because she has Alzheimer's. We basically go because her daughter asks us to. This time we read the Book of Mormon to her and then sang "I'm a Child of God" to her. It was the sweetest thing! She even started singing with us. We also had a lesson with Taquoia she is our new investigator. She is great. She wants to be baptized so we plan to set a date with her this week.

Saturday we watched conference all day, along with Sunday. I loved conference!  Some of my favorite talks were the ones that talked about fathers. I loved that. I just thought about my sweet papa the whole time and it even brought me to tears. I guess you never realize how special someone is and how much you actually love them until you can't see them anytime you want! I'm grateful to have such an amazing dad in my life who has supported me in everything I do. I'm grateful that he has raised me with standards and he works so hard to support our family.  Dad is such a huge blessing in my life and I don't know what I would do without him. That talk also made reality hit that I am coming home in 7 months and I will then have to start looking for that handsome son of God to make my eternal companion and that I want him to have lots of the qualities my dad has! I also really liked the talk on the resurrection. It was so beautiful and really put the resurrection into perspective. I got a little teary eyed at that one as well. It reminded me of my friend Chase and how excited I am to be able to see him again! I basically loved a lot of talks but those were two that I really liked. I loved that they talked a lot about the temple and that we need to grow closer to our Savior.

Thank you for all the emails this week! I love getting them! I'm glad to hear y'all had fun at the aquarium. I've been there before and remember how fun it was. I'm glad to hear Lillian faced her fear of heights! I was just a little jealous when I heard all about conference breakfast! I miss that so much! Basically this week we ran out of food by Thursday because it was the last of the month last week and we didn't have money to buy food. So by the time Sunday hit we had no food and we fasted/ starved ourselves for conference. Thankfully the Spanish branch was nice enough to share some food with us in between conference on Sunday! Oh before I forget, I said last week that my ankle was getting better but I may have lied... The mission nurse called to check up on me and well, it hasn't gotten better so now I will need to go to a doctor. So, I will keep you updated on how that goes. But don't worry, I'll be fine!

Hope y'all have a good week! Love you and miss you all so so so much!!
I'm so excited to hear all about Lillian's baptism! I better get an overload of pictures for that one! I am so sad that I am going to miss it!
Love y'all lots!
Sister Webb


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