Monday, October 19, 2015

Pictures from October 19, 2015

These are pictures of sister McGregor and I at the rodeo! It was so much fun! Oh and check out my nice outfit that I got a goodwill! Haha
This first one is of the pretty sunset.
Then we have our all day breakfast at mackers! (McDonald's, Sister McGregor calls it Mackers) nothing like a Coke and some breakfast food! :) 
This is the giant spider that we had to kill! I thought I was going to die! It may not look so big but seriously it is! Haha

Here are the pictures we took at Latin night. I had a funny video of the elders singing and dancing but it was too long to send so I will have to figure out how to send that later..
This is Gene and her baptism! :)
This is me and Sister McGregor standing out front our new apartment complex. Then we have a tour of our apartment.
Our lovely living room.. If you look on the wall we have a picture of President Hinkley.. Haha
Then we have our bedroom. Do you see my lovely bed! :) I even halfway made it for you mom!
Next is the kitchen/ laundry room. The washer dryer is right across from the fridge.. Haha 
The lovely picture of my bathroom.. Basically just a toilet shot! Haha but I have my own bathroom!
Next is our desks/ study room
And finally my personal giant walk in closet!  Yes, I'm living the life here on the mission! :)


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