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I'm seriously livin' the life! - October 12, 2015

First off I am so excited to finally find out that Racheal is having a girl!!! Yay!! Y'all will have to send me more pictures of the games you played for the baby reveal! Rae, your tummy looks so cute!! I also loved all the pictures of everyone with the balloons stuffed up their shirts! Linsey sent me the video of Ashly and Matt telling Hunter and Hadley they were going to have a baby and that was the funniest thing ever! Haha I'm so excited for all of these babies!!! Especially little Ivy!!

Ok now on to the exciting stories of the week! So, we set 2 baptism dates this week!! Woot woot!! Ocala is he place to be right now! We set a baptism date with our investigator Tony this week. He is 22 I believe and is currently dating a less active in the ward so it worked out perfect to be able to teach him. We set the date for November 28.  Now we are just working on getting him a different job that will allow him to have Sunday's off. 

Our other baptism date is with Carol Baughman. She is probably in her 80's she is the mom of one of the members in our ward and she came up to us on Wednesday night with the bishop and said she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. So we began teaching her on Friday and set the baptism date for the 24 of this month!! We are so excited!! Now all we have to do is pound out the lessons for her! We also have another member who's girlfriend is not a member that is interested in the lessons. hopefully we will be having another baptism soon!

Well I don't have much time for emails today because we have decided to spend our day shopping so I will quickly give you a recap of my week. So last Monday we spent our p-day playing volleyball with our district. I'm quickly remembering why I never played sports before...I'm awful at them! Haha but it was fun and it gives you a chance to get to know the district better.

On Tuesday we had our lesson with Tony and set the baptism date! We are just praying that he will be able to get Sunday's off so he can come to church and be baptized!

Wednesday we had a lesson with our recent convert La'lesha. She is awesome! She is 16 and just got baptized 2 weeks ago. She has it kinda rough right now. Her mom just went to jail last week and her brother was shot like a week before that so he has been in the hospital so she really doesn't have much support at home right now. She is so sweet though and is loving young women's! We were able to go over the plan of salvation with her and also teach her friend Na Na. She kinda lives in a scary part of town... We have our lessons in some abandoned church parking lot. We heard like 3 car chases go by as we were teaching. It was kinda exciting and I was hoping that one would drive past us. Haha later that night we went to young women's with La'lesha and Na Na. It was so much fun! We made pumpkin decorations! They turned out super cute!

On Thursday we had our addiction recovery class we went to. I really like this 12 step program that the church has come out with. It can help anyone with any addiction they might have. After class on Thursdays we play volleyball with the Spanish branch. Sadly this week I accidentally packed my bike shorts instead of basketball shorts so I couldn't play because my pants were too tight... If only I wasn't a missionary I wouldn't have had that problem. Volleyball is really fun though, it is nice to get a break and play. We always get the less actives and investigators to come out with us.

Friday was our weekly planning and after weekly planning we went to a lesson with Carol where we were able to set a baptism date. So let me tell you all about this lesson. Carol lives with her daughter Sister Lyon and they live like 30 minutes from our apartment. We didn't want to waste our miles on our car so we asked a member to take us. We asked this old couple named the Davis's. Sister Davis is this little old lady who thinks she knows best about everything so we ask her if she will take us to the lesson and then after take is to see some less actives that live out that way because the bishop asked us to go see them. She instantly told us that the bishop didn't know what he was talking about and she would not take us to see them because they were going through a rough time and shouldn't be bothered... Frustrating!  On top of that she was so insistent that we had to pray before our appointment. As if we don't always do that... Haha she just likes to take charge I guess. Well back to my story, so brother Lyon is a magician!! Crazy right? He went to clown school and then became a magician after that! Haha.  He showed us like a million magic tricks so be prepared when I come home to be amazed! We had a wonderful lesson with Carol though, she just has the strongest desire to be baptized because she knows it will just bless her life so much! After our lesson some members in the ward took us out for ice cream!  I'm seriously just living the life out here! Haha 

Saturday we had the chance to do some service for Sister Martin in the ward. We mowed her lawn! It was so much fun because no one ever lets us do that and she had a riding mower which made it that much better!  After service she bought us lunch. Here is where a little miracle took place. So Sister Martin has been trying to rent out a room in her house and she just really wanted a good roommate. Well we have been praying for that and on Saturday she had this lady come look at the room and the second Sister Martin introduced us the girl starts freaking out and says that she is LDS as well and she has been looking for a nice place to live that would be close to the temple so she can go be a worker there!! Crazy!! Just the other day Sister Martin was wanting to find a temple buddy!! Miracle!!! The best part was this lady raises sugar gliders! She pulled them out of her purse and let us play with them! Oh my.... I need one! I don't just want one I need one! Haha they are the cutest things ever!! I sent some pictures of them but I really think y'all should get them so I can have one when I get home! :) 

Saturday night we decided to go visit this less active who lived in a rehab center near our home. That was quite the experience! We walk in and we have never met her before so when we get to the room there are two ladies in there. One who is Down syndrome and sleeping and the other one is this old lady who is just talking to herself. Well we figured out that the lady talking to herself was the one that we were there to see. Having a lesson was quite interesting.She kept telling us that she was only 25 and that she had been married 2 times and then we talked about the Book of Mormon. She remembered getting baptized and getting married in the temple and she said she remembers reading the Book of Mormon. While at the end of our lesson we ask her to say the prayer and she just starts talking nonsense again so like after 5 minutes we just say amen. She looks at us and seems confused. So we ask if she is going to say amen. Her reply was no. She was not done saying her prayer.. So she continues to mumble nonsense and finally I just had to stop her and ask if I could pray.
When we were leaving we asked if there was anything we could do for her. She told us we could find her a new husband! Haha priceless lesson! I was trying not to laugh the whole time!!

We had a wonderful day yesterday! We taught Carol again and then had dinner with Sister Martin! She is seriously the best! She is like my mum out here! After dinner we went over to our recent converts Jennifer and Jessica's house. They are sisters. Jessica is 17 and Jennifer is 12. They are the best and I just love them to death! They happened to have Bean Boozle jelly beans so we played Bean Boozled with them for a bit. If you don't know what they are they are basically just nasty jelly beans like rotten egg mixed with a good flavor and you take your chance when you eat one with it being good or bad. It is hilarious! I got some video of it so I will send that to you.

That about sums up my week! I am planning to buy some new clothes today because all of my skirts are too short.. Also I am going to buy some new shoes. I am hoping that I can find some Toms or something similar so my feet won't hurt as much when I am out walking. We are moving this Thursday. I got a package from you last week but I wasn't sure if that was the same package you were taking about in your email mom? It had my jacket in it and then Halloween stuff. I will try to keep an eye out for the other one. Also don't send any letters or packages this week. I will get you my new address by next Monday I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I know I will! I am loving it here! Sister McGregor is so great! I haven't had this much fun on my mission yet! We are constantly just laughing about something! Anyways take Care. Email me more pictures! I love getting them!

Love and miss y'all!
Sister Webb


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