Monday, July 20, 2015

Week of Miracles! - July 20, 2015


I hope ya'll had a wonderful week! I had such an amazing week! It was full of so many miracles! Which is great! So I guess I will just start by telling all of my awesome stories! 

On Tuesday we had an awesome zone meeting where they talked about bearing pure testimonies. They also talked about exact obedience and how it will bring many blessings. So I have been trying to be exactly obedient this week and I guess it payed off! Later that night we had ward correlation. It was the best! The elders brought brownies and oh my, I could have eaten the whole plate myself! Haha!  We have a new elder in our ward now. His name is Elder Walker. He is so stinkin' funny! He kept doing hand gestures with everything his companion was saying and I could not stop laughing! I am pretty sure I almost got kicked out of ward correlation because me and Sister Sorensen could not keep it together.. Haha 

It must have just been a day of giggles because later that night when we were having our companion prayer for nightly planning I asked if it was my turn and just started to pray. We get pretty into taking turns because we don't want the other person to steal all of our blessings. Haha!  Well I start, "Dear Heavenly Father..." And all the sudden I hear "No, it's not, it is my turn! Stop!!" Haha we both burst out laughing and laughed for like 10 minutes over it. We must have been super tired that night because seriously it was not that funny! Haha 

Sister Sorensen and I have been really into reading random scriptures to people and having them think of a question they want answered from Heavenly Father. It is so amazing how the scriptures we read always related to something that was going on in the persons life! We read 2 different people random scriptures from 2 different Book of Mormons and we managed to open to the same scripture for both of them! It was crazy and they both were going through a similar trial in their life and the scripture was perfect for it! Wow! The Book of Mormon is so powerful!! 

Ok here is my favorite miracle of the week!! Ah, I just get so excited thinking about it! So we taught our investigator Bill Bell this week and it was such an amazing lesson! So let me tell you about Bill real fast. So we have been meeting with him for a few weeks now. The sisters had previously dropped him and one day we were going through our list of dropped investigators and I just got this prompting that we should go and visit him. So we did. Bill has been so lonely because his wife died not too long ago and he has just had such a hard time ever since. So the first time we met with him he told us that he really enjoyed our visit but that he would never join our church. He told us that we could come back again though because he really enjoyed the company. We left him with a Book of Mormon to read. By the next week we had another prompting we should go visit Bill, so we did. We got there and he had told us how he had done about 5 hours of research on the internet about the Book of Mormon and he found it very interesting and he had decided that he was going to read the entire book. But only for history purposes not for spiritual knowledge and he definitely was not going to join the church. The next lesson we had with him he told us how he had a desire to go to church but when we invited him he said he wasn't ready for that he just wanted to go and see how things were done at our church. So finally we come on Wednesday and we taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was such a good lesson! He stopped us about half way through the lesson and asked us why we keep coming to visit him because he is never going to join our church. We explained that we pray everyday to know where we need to go and who we need to see and the Lord had told us that we need to keep coming to visit him. And that every time we had come to visit him it was because we had been directed there by Heavenly Father.  We really have no clue why we keep visiting Bill besides we keep getting prompted to go visit. We then asked Bill if he would come to church with us. He said he wasn't sure he was ready for that yet. We then had Bill think of a question he wanted Heavenly Father to answer for him. We then explained how the scriptures are the best way to find the answers. So we opened up to a random chapter and started reading the first verse that we saw. It just so happened that we opened up to 2 Nephi chapter 31. Which ya'll know talks about baptism!! After we read the scripture we just sat in silence for a few minutes and asked Bill if that answered his question. He told us that he had asked how he could be a better example for his children and grandchildren in his life! It was amazing! We then asked him again, "Bill, will you come to church with us this Sunday?" We sat silent for about 2 minutes when all the sudden Bill said "what time?" We told him 9 o'clock. All he said was "I'll be there!" I seriously wanted to cry! We asked Bill how he was feeling and he said he couldn't describe it. We explained that he had felt the spirit! It was such an exciting lesson! I am so happy to report that Bill came to church yesterday!!!! Yay!  He loved it! It has been such a miracle and blessing seeing the changes in Bill since we started meeting with him! He is totally getting baptized soon!! 

On Thursday we were able to meet with Anjeza. Aelidon was home but didn't want to meet with us so he let us teach his daughter. We taught her about the plan of salvation. Which was kinda tough because of the language barrier but it went perfect! She got so excited when we explained to her that we will be able to live with our families forever. She got super excited and said in her broken English, "wait, you mean I will get to see my grandma again?" She just started to smile and get so excited that we had taught her this! It was seriously the cutest thing ever! 

We had lunch with a lady in our ward named Sister Beevers. She is the best. She sells Mary Kay and oh boy, she hooked me up big time!! I am pretty sure she gave me like 80 dollars worth of free stuff and told me she would get me more the next time I stop by! It was awesome!!! 

So this weekend we only had our bikes. It is still just as miserable as day one.. Haha I still hate it. The humidity was at 100% this weekend so it was hot and humid. Which made us sweat more than usual and we just smelt so bad.. Haha you know you stink when you can smell yourself! Haha I don't know how people want to talk to us with out gagging but they do! Haha I tried to cover up my smell with body spray.. Haha that was a bad idea! It didn't work and then I smelt like body odor mixed with my spray and then I decided to try febreeze.. Haha lets just say by the end of the night the smell radiating off of me had much to be desired! Haha 

On Friday night we decided that we were going to walk so we went to see our investigator LeAnne and she let us in and we had a great visit with her. She always gives us stuff when we go over. So this time she gave us some really nice sunscreen and she sells shirts so she gave us shirts. Earlier in the week her boy friend had given us hot sauce. Haha it's the best!  I am all about free things! 

So yesterday we had a day full of miracles as well. We had set the goal to have 2 lessons this week with a member of the ward present. By Sunday we were still at zero. Well we decided to pray and we both had the faith we could accomplish our goals so after we prayed we just started calling members to come to lessons with us. We didn't even have any set lessons yesterday. But we got 2 members to commit to driving us to our lessons and joining us. After we got the members to commit to come with us we decided that we needed to pray so that we would know who we needed to see. We decided that we would visit Heidi and well the other person we didn't know who to visit. So we go out with Sister Wink and we try Heidi. She is not home.. Of course, we have not been able to get a hold of her for the past 2 weeks.. It's been tuff. She won't return our calls or texts so we don't know what is going on there.. So we decide to knock on her neighbors door who we had met the last time we visited Heidi. We knocked and no answer of course. But all of the sudden he started walking up the stairs and invited us in and we were able to teach him the whole restoration! It was such an amazing miracle! 

After that we had dinner at a members home and she was going to take us to our next lesson. Of course we didn't have a next lesson so we are sitting in her living room frantically trying to decide who to visit while she was in changing her clothes. We decided quickly to visit our investigator Kim. She has been in and out of the hospital so we were not sure if she would even be home but it felt right to visit her. Well we got to Kim's house with Sister Spearrin and Kim's mom answers the door and invites us in. She tells us Kim is not home but she proceeded to visit with us. We talked a lot about trials and how we need to have faith through them and to always remember to turn to the Lord. We were able to teach Joyce, who is Kim's mom, the restoration! It was such a miracle because every time we had visited Kim her mom would tell us she had her church and was not interested. We committed her to read the restoration pamphlet and she told us how she wanted to read the Book of Mormon but the print was to small for her so we promised the next time we came back we would bring a large print copy for her! Wow! What a blessing! It is so great to know that when you have the faith and are obedient and follow the Lord's will and the spirit how you can see so many miracles! We were able to reach all of our goals but 2 this week. We don't have a baptism date set with any of our investigators and we never contacted a referral but other than that we reached all of our other goals!! It was such a blessing! 

This past week it was one of my personal goals to study more about faith and to exercise my faith in the Lord more. Here are a few things from Preach My Gospel that I liked about faith: Faith leads to action. Including repentance, obedience, and dedicated service! With faith you accomplish what the Lord wants you to accomplish, You are able to do miracles according to the Lord's will. Your faith will be manifest through diligence and work. Through faith you receive answers to your prayers and personal inspiration to guide you in the Lord's works! This is so true! I know that if I had not exercised my faith this week we would not have been able to see all of the mighty miracles we did this week! I also know that we all need to exercise our faith and follow Jesus Christ example so that we can receive all the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for us! I testify these things to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you so much! Have fun camping and be safe! I seriously thought ya'll were camping this past week so I have been praying every night for your safety.. Haha Guess I'll have to do it again this week! Oh mom, I did get your package this week! Thanks for the cookies and chocolate! I also got the card! Haha I loved it! I laughed for like ten minutes over it! So thank you! All of the letters from everyone and the packages really help! I love them! 
Anyways have a wonderful week! I love you all and miss you so much! 
Sister Webb 


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