Monday, July 13, 2015

2 months down 16 to go!!! Bugs,bug,bug... Oh how I hate bugs! - July 13, 2015

Hello family!
This week has been a week full of nothing but bugs!! So I apologize now that all of my stories will mostly be about bugs. But I promise ya'll that you are going to get a good laugh about all of the stories. And if not, just laugh anyways because I have died laughing all week! 

So, story number one. On Tuesday, we had some of the new sisters sleeping over at our apartment because transfers were on Wednesday. We had 3 of the new sisters staying with us. It was quite a party! We have a one bedroom apartment with one bathroom and we all had to find somewhere to sleep and in the morning we had to all be ready by 7:30... Let's just say I had to get up at 5:45 on Wednesday and I was not to happy about it.. I like my sleep! Haha 

Anyways, we pick up the new sisters Tuesday night and Sister Sorensen is telling them all about our cockroach problem and how she hopes that they don't get cockroaches on them in the middle of the night. Haha they were all super worried about it. So being the kind person that I am I reassured them that we don't have a cockroach problem and that we hadn't seen any in weeks.. Haha I may have lied just a little... So the next morning I get up super early and get ready and I decided to make all of the new sisters a breakfast! Yes, you heard me right. I actually did something for someone else besides myself! Haha I made scrambled eggs, and pancakes and I cooked some ham! (Some member gave us this big spiral cut ham and I finally decided to put it to good use!) as I am cooking this delicious breakfast one of the sisters asks me what a cockroach looks like because she has this bug on her bag.. I walked over to it and sure enough she had a cockroach on her bag! Haha they all started screaming and I am just laughing my head off until I realized that I was going to have to be the one to kill it... But I managed to kill it! I then went back to cooking breakfast and I had started putting everything on plates and in bowls on the counter when Sister Sorensen walked passed and some how the plate of ham fell all over our dirty kitchen floor.. Luckily none of the new sisters saw so we just scooped it up off the floor and fed it to them! Hahaha 

On Wednesday we were able to go and teach Aelidon's daughters. We taught them about prayer. We explained why it is important to pray and then showed them how to pray. They were both so excited to pray so we both let them pray for us before we left their apartment! Things are starting to look better teaching them! They are finally understanding us more and more! If only I knew Albanian, then this teaching stuff would be that much easier! Haha Aelidon is still not to interested in us teaching him but he allows us to come over and teach his girls and to talk with him. So we are slowly making progress! 

So on Thursday it was Grandma Landry's birthday! You are probably wondering who this grandma is. She lives with the Matzke's who feed us every wed day night so we have become very close to her! We decided that we wanted to do something for her on her birthdays but we had nothing. So we made a card and we found some balloons in our apartment and then we made party hats.. Haha let me tell you how ridiculous these party hats were. We made them out of paper and then to tie them to our heads we used dental floss! Haha we were very creative! Well we drove over to the Matzke's and we decided we would give her her party hat and card and then sing to her! She ended up answering the door in her bathrobe so it was kinda awkward.. It reminded me of Christmas with Grandma Webb all over again! Haha so we sang super quick and then left! Haha but it was fun! 

I cant remember what day of the week this next story happened on but I think it was Thursday or Friday morning.. Anyways I usually hate having to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I am so scared of the dark. I usually just try to hold it til morning. I know.. I'm such a baby! Anyways I could not hold it any longer so I decide to go to the bathroom. Well in the morning when I got up I went to the bathroom to find a squished dead cockroach lying on the floor!!!! Ahhhhh!! I knew I shouldn't have gone to the bathroom! I stepped on a cockroach in the middle of the night! I was dying! Haha never again will I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!! I don't even know how I managed to step on a cockroach with out noticing! Haha 

On Friday we had weekly planning and one of the elders from the mission office had to come by to fix some of our lights. Well really he was just changing out lightbulbs for us.. Haha yes I am that pampered over here! Before I continue on with my story just know ya'll are going to shake your heads at this story! Haha Anyways he came in the afternoon and when I opened the door he says "Sisters it was so nice of you to leave your keys in the door for me..." Yes, we forgot to take our keys out of the door the night before... Haha I am getting blonder and blonder out here! I'm just glad that no one got me in the middle of the night! We live in a kinda scary apartment complex so I guess the Lord really does watch out for the missionaries and keep them safe! Haha I'm so glad for all of your prayers because apparently I need all the prayers I can get! 

On Friday I officially fell off of my bike for the first time.. Haha I was riding down the side walk and my skirt kept coming up so I was trying to adjust it and let's just say some how I managed to ride off of the side walk and couldn't get back on and then I lost balance and I had to abandon bike and I am screaming and laughing.. Let's just say it was quite a scene! Haha lesson learned, don't try to adjust your skirt while riding.. Just let it come up and fix it at a stop! Haha I usually try to wear my sort of flowy dresses while biking so that they don't get caught on anything while I ride.. I'm not sure how smart this is because I am pretty sure all of Mandarin had gotten a good view up my skirt by now! Oh well, Haha thank goodness for biker shorts! 

We were not able to have a lesson with Heidi this week. She said some things came up and she could not meet with us because she had been under so much stress with her husband not finding a job and a few other things.. Well we decided to make her some cookies and bring by and that was such a good idea! We were finally able to meet her husband Sokol. He is so nice and has such great faith and knows the Book of Mormon is true. He told us how Heidi just got her wisdom teeth out and that we could come back and see her in a few days. So keep praying for Heidi! We are hoping to get her baptized this month!! 

I got a package on Saturday from Carolyn!! She sent me "Power of Everyday Missionaries"! I loved it! Thanks so much Carolyn! You are the best! And then she had her friend Sherri buy some chocolate and give to me! Awe, it made my whole week!!! So thank you! :) 

So my next story takes place on Sunday and today. It is a two part story! So Sunday we come home from church and I have just been so stinkin' tired this past week. I can't seem to catch up on my sleep and I am always feeling so wore out and tired. I think it might be my blood pressure but I have no way of checking it so I'm hoping it is good..I've been starting to get my chest pains again like before when I kinda went crazy but I'm hoping it will all just go away real soon!  Anyways, I get home from church and decide I really need a nap. So instead of eating lunch I take a nap. Well when I wake up I swear I see something big and black on the floor but when I look again it's gone and nothing is there. Well I don't think much of it and I go out and start praying and have my personal study and I thought I saw something again. Well by now I just think I am so tired that I'm seeing things. We start having our companionship prayer and when I am finished saying it and open my eyes I find a lizard sitting right next to me!!!! Hahaha I'm sure you can imagine exactly what I did, I start screaming and jumping on the chair for protection! Haha Sister Sorensen and I decide that we have to catch it somehow but we are not entirely sure how to catch it. So, we get a mason jar and put some corn in it hoping that it would be lured into our jar by the corn.. Haha that did nothing! So we just pretend it is not in the apartment and go back to studying. Well later that night we get home and I am still so paranoid about this lizard! How am I going to sleep? What if it climbs into bed with me during the night? Who is going to save me when it does? Haha I was so stressed about the lizard I had to pray that it wouldn't climb into bed with me! I felt like I was 5! I'm glad to say that we managed to sleep the whole night without any lizards getting into my bed! Well we wake up and we can't find the lizard. So I am in the bathroom when all the sudden Sister Sorensen says there is a small cockroach by the sliding door and she needs me to catch it! Haha so I go out and catch it and we decide that we are just going to forget about the lizard because he is probably gone and we will exercise in our apartment today. When we exercise in our apartment I usually do it in my pajamas and don't bother to put shoes or a bra on because I don't usually break a sweat or do anything to need those things. Well I'm lying on the floor and about to do some sit ups when all of the sudden Sister Sorensen jumps up and starts screaming and can't manage to say anything. I instantly think "oh no, the lizard is back!" So as I jump up screaming (let me remind you that we exercise at 6:30 am... I'm sure all the neighbors love us!) I realize that nothing is on the floor.. By this point Sister Sorensen manages to say, " in your hair!!" I'm jumping, screaming, crying, and now flicking my hair to get it out when all the sudden a giant cockroach falls out of my hair and onto the carpet!! This was seriously the biggest cockroach I have ever seen! It was like the size of 2 quarters next to each other! By this point I am having the biggest panic attack ever and somehow I managed to get my church shoes on and I'm out the door! Haha we then decide that we are too scared to go in and face the cockroach so we will just exercise outside for the rest of the time. Bad idea! I am in my pajamas with bed head and no bra on and in church shoes! Haha I felt so dumb because everyone leaves for work at this time and they all drove past us as we are walking outside! Haha so back to the cockroach and lizard, we get done exercising and we go back inside. We check the apartment and the cockroach is gone and no lizard. So we start getting ready and we then have our personal study and then we start companionship study when we realize that the cockroach is lying dead on the floor of the kitchen. We assume that the lizard ate it! So we are all happy until the lizard comes out again! Haha we decide that we are not going to be able to focus until we catch or kill the lizard! I had become attached to this lizard, I named him Lizzy the Lizard! Haha so we get our large kitchen pots and decide we will catch Lizzy! I wish someone could have been recording us because we were throwing pots all over the room screaming and hoping some how we would catch the lizard! At one point I managed to catch it by it's tail under the front tire of sister sorensens bike! I thought I was doing so good until it made its tail fall if and took off running towards me! Hahaha well about an hour later we had destroyed our apartment, chairs were everywhere pots and bowls all over the floor and we still had not caught the lizard... We finally decide that we are wasting p-day on this stupid lizard and we need to start cleaning. So as we are cleaning Sister Sorensen manages to trap half of it under a pot on the carpet. We are both freaking out not knowing how to catch it all the way under the pot so we decide we have to find something to kill it with! I found some dish soap and we killed it with that! I felt so bad!! Poor little Lzzy the Lizard! After that we had a funeral for it as we flushed it down the toilet. We each said something nice about the lizard! Haha it made for a pretty exciting day! 

Well that is basically all of my stories! Nothing has really happened this week.. I'm looking forward to hearing from ya'll! I'm sorry I only had bug stories for you this week. I hope as you read them that ya'll will get a good laugh just picturing me trying to kill bugs and lizards and having a cockroach in my hair! No one told me that I would have to deal with this many bugs on my mission! Haha 

I honestly never realized how hard a mission would be until I actually got out here and started doing the work! People always told me it would be hard but you never really understand how hard until your doing it. I go through my phases every week of wanting to just come home because I know how much easier things would be. I could just start working and dating and life would be great! Every time I start to want to come home I pray to Heavenly Father for that help and strength to make it through this! Well this week I was praying and asking Heavenly Father if this is really for me because it is so hard and so hot and some days I'm just super miserable. I asked him to please give me an answer because I needed help! Well after I said my prayer Sister Sorensen says to me"let me read you your random scripture for the day." She randomly opens up to Alma 39:16 and it says "and now, my daughter Olivia, this was the ministry unto which ye were called, to declare these glad tidings unto this people, to prepare their minds; or rather that salvation might come unto them, that they may prepare the minds of their children to hear the word at the time of his coming." Wow! I was speechless! Heavenly Father truly does hear and answer our prayers and I know that when you need that comfort and answer in your life he really gives it to you! I have never had a stronger testimony of the power of prayer until my mission! I pray like 30 times a day. I love being able to just talk to my Heavenly Father and tell him all about my day and how I am feeling and ask questions and see guidance. I know that if you will do these things and do them with a sincere heart he really will answer your prayers because he loves you that much! Another thing that I always tell myself when things get hard is our mission motto.. "I love tuff things, I'm the first to do tuff things, I do tuff things first, I LOVE being a missionary!" It always seems to help me refocus and get back to work! I hope ya'll can learn to love tuff things and know that Heavenly Father gives us trials in our lives to help us grow and exercise faith in Him as well as Jesus Christ! And when you do those things and you make it through your trial you really do become so much closer to Him! I know the Lord will never give us any trial or struggle that we can't handle. And through the Lord we can handle anything!  I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 
I hope ya'll have a wonderful week camping and enjoying summer! I hope it doesn't rain on ya'll! It pours rain here every day! I love you all and pray for each and everyone of you every day! 

Sister Webb :) 


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