Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello Family! - July 27, 2015

Hello family,
This week has been a good week! I am so glad to hear that ya'll had a good time camping! I am sad I missed out on all of the adventures of it! Mom, I don't feel bad that you felt like you were sleeping with critters because I feel like that every night! Haha seriously though, this week we found a cockroach in our bathroom it was the worse because I had just gone into the bathroom to change and get ready for bed and I had put all of my pajamas on the bathroom counter and then I finished getting ready for bed put my pajamas on and left the bathroom. Well Sister Sorensen walked in right after me and she starts panicking and saying there is a cockroach on the bathroom counter, I freak out because I just was in there with all of my stuff sitting right where a cockroach is now sitting... Anyways I try to kill it with the all purpose cleaner we had in there and I spray it and it takes off running towards our bedroom. So then I run and grab a tupperware container and I trap it under that. Well let's just say we had a pet cockroach in our room this whole week! Haha the worst part is I went to check on it this morning because we were feeding it all of the dead bugs we kill and when I looked this morning it was gone and the dead bug was still there.. So now we have a cockroach loose in our apartment again! Haha Anyways, I am glad to hear ya'll had fun camping and that dad told everyone my favorite stories! I am sad I missed those! Haha I just remember the last time he told them how hard I was laughing and how ridiculous they were but they will always be my favorite memory of camping! Oh and David, I liked the bug bite pictures. That is basically what my legs look like every week here.
Just not as bad as that!

So some exciting things that happened this week... We were able to teach our investigator Bill Bell again! It was great! I told you how he came to church last week. Well this week we were able to teach him about the Sabbath day and keeping it holy! It was a really good lesson and we were able to answer all of his questions he had about the Sacrament. The biggest miracle was just how happy he seemed. He has been very down and sad and lonely since we met him because his wife died about a year ago and he just can get over it. But ever since he came to church, and felt the spirit, there is just this light about him and he is so much more happy and he is more willing to learn and keep our commitments! It is great!

We were able to go and teach one of our new investigators named Brynn this week. She is a super cute lady. We met her at a park to teach her and she had 3 pages typed up for us full of questions she had and research she had done on the church website to try to find the answers! It was great! We were able to answer most of her questions before we had to run to our next appointment. We are planning on meeting with her again really soon so that we can finish answering her questions.

We were able to teach almost all of our investigators this week which was amazing! Heidi has been out of town visiting her mom so we are hoping to be able to meet with her this week and reset her baptismal date!

We had set our goal this week to work on getting members present at our lessons because on average we usually get zero or maybe one if we are lucky. Well I am happy to say we managed to get 8 member present lessons this week!! Woot woot! It was such a blessing!

Ok so this next story is probably my best story of the week! Ya'll are going to be so proud of me when you hear it! So on Friday we went to visit Leanne and Erik. They are two of our investigators. I think I have told you about them before. They are always giving us things when we go over and feeding us food. I have gotten a shirt, a water bottle, sunscreen, and salsa from them. Haha well anyway we get there and Leanne tells us that tonight is not a good night because she is just super busy with work stuff. So we are about to leave when Erik sees us and invites is in and instantly gets us some water and starts to make us a ton of food. Well I start eating some of it when he asks me if I like sardines... Of course ya'll know me and fish.. I hate fish and I don't eat it. Well I tell him no I haven't had them before and he proceeds to tell me how good they are and how he eats a can of them a day! Gross! Haha by this point I just looked totally grossed out when he opens up a can of them and asks me if I want some. Haha I am holding back gagging as I say no thank you. He tells me again all of the health benefits of eating sardines and tells me to just think healthy and try one. He even told me that he would read in the Book of Mormon if I ate one! I still couldn't bring myself to do it! Haha I start to ask him if I could share a message with him though. He jokingly told me no and said if I would eat a sardine he would let me share a message! And if I ate another one he would read in the Book of Mormon. Haha let's just say I ended up eating 2 1/2 sardines that night just so I could share a message and commit him to read in the Book of Mormon. Haha everyone got a good laugh though because I was freaking out trying not to cry because of how gross I thought they were and then as I put it in my mouth I instantly start gagging and making funny faces trying to get them down! Haha but I did get to teach Erik and Leanne the Plan of Salvation and it was a wonderful lesson. Erik had a lot of good questions we were able to answer that night and he committed to read in the Book of Mormon! The things you are willing to do to get a lesson in with someone and to get them to read the Book of Mormon. Haha ok so the next part of my visit with them ya'll are going to laugh and shake your heads at me. So remember how at home I was the crazy girl who believed everything on Pinterest and tried all of the weird remedies? Haha so Erik and Leanne have convinced me that I need to start taking omega 3 vitamins if I am unwilling to eat my can of sardines a day. They also got on the subject about deodorant and how the regular deodorant isn't good for you and it is just causing bacteria to fester in your armpit so he tells us about this all natural deodorant that is made with mineral salt that is suppose to be really good for you and work so well that you won't sweat! Haha well let's just say I may be a little crazy and I went out and bought some this week. It is basically a salt stick you rub in your armpit.. Haha so we will see how well it works! Haha 

On Saturday we just biked all day! It was really hot and miserable!  But we survived! We had this   sweet old couple sign up to feed us dinner. They don't speak English very well but they had signed up to feed us dinner at 5. Well we called around 1 to make sure they were still ok to feed us when they said something about having to leave by 2 and our food was ready and could we come get it. We didn't have the heart to ask them if they could bring it to us on their way out so we biked for about 2 miles to pick up the food and we put it in a bag on our handle bars and biked all the way home.. That was one long bike trip. 4 miles for food.. Luckily it was really good food!

I think that is all of my stories for the week! I had a pretty lame week I guess because most of my stories were about food.. Haha.

I can't remember if I told you that we made a piñata last p-day. Well we started making one so that is what we are doing today is finishing out piñata! We really need to find things to do in p-days to entertain ourselves! Haha Amanda, I did get your package this week! Thank you! The tests were great! And I do have lights for my bike already but I will just save the ones you sent me until I need new ones or I get a new bike! Which may be really soon! I don't remember if I told ya'll but my bike was one I got for free and the front brakes broke off of the handle bar so I really only have back brakes on my bike and they don't work the greatest so eventually I will be needing a new bike! It's always an adventure trying to stop! I think my shoes work better for brakes then the actual brakes do! Haha but thanks again for the package!

I hope ya'll have a wonderful week! I can't wait to hear from ya'll again next week!

Love ya'll and miss ya'll tons and tons!
Sister Webb


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