Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pictures - August 17, 2015

Here are some pictures of my week!
Sister Sorensen and I looking extra cute!
We celebrated my training being over with some green smoothies for breakfast!
This is a lovely picture of my feet.. Earlier this week I got a bunch of bug bites that itched like crazy.. I thought I had bed bugs..
But I am happy to say after frantically searching my bed that I think they were just mosquito bites.. I had like 20 of them..
I don't know if words can even describe this... Only in Florida would you see this! Haha

These next few pictures are of Clarks fish camp and my gators toe, snake and kangaroo experience!

The pretty view from the dock of Clark's
All the taxidermy animals inside the restaurant!
Snake, gator toes and kangaroo! Mmm mm good!
Gator toes up close!
Me eating gator toes for the first time!
A selfie of our Clarks experience!\


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